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Among Us MOD APK is an action thriller game that you can play with your friends and chat online. It is a space-themed game in which the participant that dies becomes a ghost, and you can still see it as you are playing its MOD APK version.
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05 Feb 2021
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With the flavor of ghosts and fighting against enemies with your friends in space, Among Us MOD APK is here to thrill your life. With everything unlimited and unlocked, you can rule out the imposters and win the game. So try it out and read all the details below.

Among Us MOD APK

Among Us was developed by an American studio Innersloth and published in June 2018. It is unique gameplay and does not need any introduction. It is just like our social lives, full of friends and enemies. The theme of the game is a space between the Crewmates and the Imposters. A crew of three to ten players can create their space to defeat the unknown. 

A map has been given to all the competitors of the group. The main goal is to fulfill all missions and tasks displayed on the map. The task of Among Us MOD APK’s imposters is chosen randomly, and they defeat the other crewmates or harm in-game systems. There are some traitors in the crew. They need to be eliminated before they will try to kill others. Crewmates use a variety of tracking mechanisms to detect the impostors.

If a player sacrifices his life during the game, the individual automatically took the form of a ghost. The other players cannot see the ghost, but other ghosts will notice them. Crewmates can perform any mission or beat the imposters to win the games. The other option to finish the game is to leave the game. 

The players have no option to make contact with other players through voice chat. They can contact each other only in the chat. Players will go to the lobby to change the settings of the game. The lobby includes various styles of costumes and masks. The Among Us MOD version also helps players to play games like Hide and Seek and Zombie. The Among Us MOD APK iOS also attracts many players in the world.

You can play Among Us MOD APK online with your friends by creating a private room. You have to share the game room code with your mates to allow them to join and play with each other. Also, you can play the game online by connecting with random players worldwide. 

Why do players need Among Us MOD APK?

A MOD APK is the modified version that the designers do not support. It unlocks other modifications and locked elements. It also offers you extra features that are not available for those who play without the MOD version.

You can try Among Us MOD APK if you do not need a high-end or heavy graphics processor. The graphics, quality of sound, and super basic interface make it attractive among many people. You should note that installing Among Us MOD APK can take much-unexpected stuff like viruses etc. if you don’t download it from a verified source. These viruses can be very harmful to your devices.

Available Role MODs In Among Us

Some modders introduce the famous social deduction game from indie creators InnerSloth. These MODs are the best, and some other famous MODs introduce new features to the game. These new features and roles make this game more fun for all players. Every role brings something different to the game.

Some of the great MODs of Among Us MOD APK PC are only available for PC users. Here are some famous role MODs in Among Us mentioned below.

Jester Role

All roles are designed to provide support to the crewmates. It is necessary to install the Jester MOD if anyone wants to bring some crazy fun to the game. The main goal of the Jester role is to get out of the game so that the player will try to do what he can. 

There are several excellent MODs, but these roles give us a little more pleasure. The Jester role is probably the best option for someone looking for new roles to play in this Among Us.

Vigilante & Sheriff Role

The Vigilante role and the Sheriff role are the same in Among Us. In both cases, players have an imposter kill button. This button helps the players to shoot the impostor. It is very risky, but the reward is very impressive.

If they shoot successfully, then it is a victory for the group. But if the Sheriff or Vigilante kills the crewmate wrongly, then he will immediately die. These roles make Among Us MOD APK more thrilling and entertaining.

Doctor Role

The Doctor role is a game-changer, but it is not so dangerous and risky as the other roles. It places tables on impostors but still imposes a big emphasis on the back of the doctor. To make this role enjoyable, failed players will admit that they will not disclose who killed them. ​The Doctor role is the best MODe in Among Us MOD APK and loved by many fans.

Feature of Among Us MOD APK

The features of Among Us MOD APK are fascinating and distinguish it from any other games. You can use 26 free features with this new MOD version. The following features explain every question you have about this game.


The graphics of Among Us MOD APK are incredibly charming and attractive. It is an enjoyable game played with friends. The graphics are very simple and unique than any other adventure space game.

All characters are beautifully designed and different from others, so that it is effortless to identify and find them. The animations are also combined for smooth visuals. You can perform flawless activities and move with the help of maps during the game.

Visible ghost

The players who are killed in a fight against impostors become ghosts, and we cannot see them. But the Among Us MOD APK version helps you see the ghosts. They are now visible and can watch the chats as well. This feature indicates which player is already dead. This feature allows you to kill the imposter easily.

Unlock costumes, pets, and skins

In Among Us MOD APK version, you have the option to unlock unlimited costumes, pets, and many other items. These are some of the best things in the game. This feature is not free with the original application. The Among Us MOD APK version helps you enjoy any of these features. Choose your costume, pets, and hats from the main menu and change your look. 

Wall Feature

The wall feature is one of the best in Among Us MOD APK EZ. This feature helps the player to see the actions of other players through the wall. You can see shootings and stop the impostors. You can also stalk your targets if you are an imposter. Besides, you can see what is going on around you. It makes Among Us MOD APK more entertaining and thrilling.

No Advertisements

The Among Us MOD APK version allows you to enable this option to stop ads. It is the most beneficial feature of the game for all players. It stops disturbing the players during the favorite game with different unnecessary advertisements. All the players do not like ads during the game. This MOD helps you to play the game peacefully and takes all ads away. The Among Us MOD APK Android users love this feature.


The speed feature in Among Us MOD APK helps you to move faster and grab anyone you want. The best option is to run if you are an impostor and want to hide after the shoot. You can easily increase and control the speed of the character. You can quickly get out without being recognized and hit like a lightning bolt. The original game does not allow you to run fast. But with the Among Us MOD APK version, you can run more rapidly.

The Imposter Feature

This feature in the Among Us MOD APK helps you to become an imposter at any moment. The Among Us MOD APK always Imposter features is one of the most exciting features that make the game more thrilling. It is an extreme feature; you can easily identify which imposter is right. The game is famous for this feature because its main attraction is becoming an imposter.

Light feature

The light feature is also a very amazing feature in Among Us MOD APK. If you are a ghost, you can look at the whole map. You can see appropriately if the lights are off with this version. You can see in the dark and kill an imposter as well. It allows you to hide from the impostor. It is very popular among the players because it assures victory. With the help of this feature, no ghost can hide from others.

Infinite Money

With the help of Among Us MOD APK, you can get unlimited money. It will help you to unlock all characters, whatever you want, at any stage. You can also unlock all skin, hats, and pets with the help of money. You do not need to wait to collect money in different rounds.

Remote Chat

Remote chat MOD in Among Us helps users chat with their friends who are close to them. As we said, ghosts cannot contact in chats, but this feature allows them to talk with their crewmates. It will enable the players to start talks without any emergency conferences.

Instant killing

The Among Us kill APK helps you to kill everyone instantly. You will surely get benefits from it if you are an imposter. You can easily finish all the other members of the group. The crewmates don’t even know who hit them. It ensures that you will win in any game. 

No Kill Cooldown

The Among Us MOD APK enables us to increase the killing rate. It helps you to get a zero kill cool down and makes you an impressive imposter. You will kill easily and ruthlessly without caring about a death countdown. This feature makes the life of the imposter quite easier. It raises the level of excitement and makes it more fun for players all over the world.

How to download Among Us MOD APK

First of all, you have to uninstall the original application from your device. Then you can easily install the MOD version from our website. Press the download button to start downloading on your device. After completing the downloading process, installs the application. Open the application, play, and enjoy the features free of cost.

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Is Among Us MOD APK safe and free to use? 

Among Us MOD APK is free of cost. You do not need to pay a single amount of money for the installation. It is safe and free from any risk. It ensures the safety of the player’s devices.

Why is Among Us MOD APK so demanding and popular?

In a very short time, Among Us MOD APK became so popular. It is because of famous game-related Twitch streamers. It is the most played game in the USA nowadays. The game is so unpredictable, and playing with friends and families will double the excitement.

Is it available on different platforms?

The Among Us MOD APK is now available on different platforms like PC, iOs, and Android. You do not need to think about different devices now easily play this game on any supported device. 

Does Among Us store data?

The Among Us MOD APK does not store any kind of data from your account. Its only purpose is to increase your happiness.

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