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Insta Stalker

Instagram is a social media platform where pictures, videos are shared. The posts, pictures, and videos can be shared publicly in this app. You can also place stories on Instagram. The people who are added by your permission are called followers on Instagram. Some people set their accounts as private, and some set their accounts as public, depending upon one’s choice. Insta Stalker is an application that helps to stalk Instagram accounts.

Insta Stalker also has a mobile app. You can search for any Instagram user using Insta Stalker. Also, you can search for the locations, stories, and in fact, any post of an Instagram user using this app. 

You can even see deleted posts and stories using Insta Stalker too. It is free to use, and you can use the app as much as you can. You can stalk anyone’s account on Instagram without letting them know. If you want to view anyone’s story or post on Instagram, but you don’t want them to know that you have seen their profile, then Insta Stalker is for you.

One thing is for sure that you cannot easily access the private profiles. Besides, Insta Stalker is much useful. Let’s have a look at it in detail.  

Benefits of Insta Stalker

There are various benefits of Insta Stalker. They are as follows:

Free to use

Insta Stalker is an application that is free to use. You can use it whenever you want. 

Secret app

Insta Stalker is a secret app. It means nobody will ever know if you have stalked their Instagram ID or have seen their stories or pictures. 

Deleted information

By using an Insta Stalker, you can view the deleted information. And you can also inquire about the profile using this app.

Blocked users

If someone has blocked you, by using this app, you can also access the content of that user. 

These are some benefits which have been discussed. It will help you to stalk anyone’s Insta profile easily. Consider these benefits while stalking an Instagram account and use the app.

Functions of Insta Stalker

Insta Stalker is an app from which you can access others’ pictures, stories, posts, etc. Are you curious to know every detail about any other person’s Instagram profile? You can stalk their profile without even letting them know and can view every single detail about them. Here is the list of the stuff you can view using Insta Stalker.


You can easily access the stories of any person, i.e., you can view, save, download the stories.

Photos and videos

The photos and videos of the Insta users could be seen by you even if they were deleted.


Also, you can view other person’s comments on other posts. You can also view the deleted comments of that user.


You can also view who the person or what the person likes using this app.

There are many other functions of Insta Stalker. Download the app and avail of its purposes. 

Is Insta Stalker good?

The good side of Instagram stalker is the app’s benefits if we use it the right way. How so?

Parental control

Insta Stalker helps parents keep an eye on their children, like what they are posting and what content they are sharing. In short, you can hold parental control. You can access all the details of your child’s profile using Instagram stalker APK

The loyalty of friends and better half

If you want to check the loyalty of your friends or better half, you can check that by using this app. You can access their stories, videos, posts, etc., without even letting them know.

Another plus point of this app is if you don’t have an Insta account, you can view other people’s accounts anonymously. Using Insta Stalker, you will get to know about every detail of people you want. 

How to use Insta Stalker?

Using Insta Stalker is so easy, you don’t need to log in from any device. You have to know about the username (ensure the username is valid) you want to stalk. Write the username on your search bar of the application, and there will be every single detail about them. Enjoy the detail you want to see.

Instagram private viewer

In 2020 Instagram was considered the best social media platform. It is a social media app that Facebook owns. If you are an active user of Instagram, you come across some private accounts. Owners restrict these accounts. To access these private accounts, some tools allow you to stalk a person’s private account.

A private Instagram viewer is a tool by which you can stalk a person’s Insta account and can view their stories, pictures, videos, posts, etc. You can see the content of another person’s account even if they have blocked you. The Instagram viewer private also allows you to access the profile picture. 

Instagram profile viewer

The information of the Instagram account can be stalked or viewed by the Instagram profile viewer. Do you want to see Instagram display picture in full size, or do you want to download that display picture? If yes, it is possible by using Instagram private profile viewer. Using this, you can easily access anyone’s profile picture and even save the image on your phone.

When you use Instagram, you see the profile picture in small size. There is no option to enlarge the photo. There are many websites of Insta profile viewer by which you can zoom image and also download it. The downloaded picture is of high resolution, and you can easily find it on your device or phone gallery. 

Instagram online viewer 

Using the Instagram online viewer service, you can search profiles, tagged posts, and stories anonymously without logging in. You can even download any content, either it is a video or a post. There are many Instagram online viewer applications that can help you.  

Instagram web viewer 

Instagram web viewer allows you to view Instagram profiles, either they are private or public. By using the Web Instagram viewer, you can view and stalk other Instagram accounts without even having an account on Instagram, or you can also stalk other accounts without logging in. You can search the hashtags, locations, profile pictures, and if you want, you can also save them. 

Stalker on Instagram

Unfortunately, no app determines who stalked your Instagram accounts. Instagram itself cares about users’ privacy and never lets you know about any visitor who visits your Insta account. Rather than this, you can stalk and view anyone’s Insta account using the different app and without etting them know.

You can download the pictures, stories, and posts secretly, and even the deleted post. Also, you can read the deleted comments. It can be said to be the bad side of Insta Stalker. When we post something privately on Instagram and don’t want to share it with the general public, we make sure no one else sees it. But by Insta Stalker, we don’t know who can reach our content that is a huge privacy and security issue.

Read More About What is Apk


There are different tools for downloading various things on Instagram. For Instance, if you want to download anybody’s profile picture, you can download it from Insta DP.  Similarly, if you want to download stories from Instagram, you can also do so by using an Instagram story downloader. These all tools are free.

The downloaded item directly goes into your gallery folder on your desktop or mobile screen. You can’t use anyone’s profile picture for personal or commercial use without their permission. Above, the functions, benefits, and details of Insta Stalker are elaborated. If you want to stalk anyone’s Insta account, then this article is worth reading. We hope every query is quite clear regarding Instagram stalk now.  


What exactly is Insta Stalker?

An Insta Stalker is an application that helps you to stalk anyone on Instagram without letting them know.

How can we know who stalked our Insta account?

Instagram cares about privacy and can’t tell you about the visitor on your profile; thereby, it is difficult to find out the Instagram stalker. 

Is there any private Instagram viewer that works?

Yes, there are many private Instagram viewer apps that you can use and access on others’ profile pictures, stories, posts, etc. 

Name some best Instagram viewers. 

Glamblr, AiGrow, Ingram, Deskgram, etc., are some of the best Instagram viewers.

Is it necessary to have an account on Instagram for stalking?

No, it’s not necessary to have an account on Instagram for stalking, even if it is not necessary to log in. All you need to have an appropriate and valid username; that’s it. If the username is not valid, you can’t stalk the account. 

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