What Is APK And How To Install It

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What if your favorite game disappears from Google Play Store? In that situation, what will you do? No worries, the APK file of that game is the solution. You can get your desired APK of any app or game from APK Quirk. So let’s find out more about APKs.

For understanding that what is an APK, there is much data available. Here you will learn some general things such as what is APK file, how to edit APK files, and how we use these files. APK is the abbreviation of Android package kit or package file. This Android package kit is usually used in the Android operating system for using and downloading the apps. Just like the Windows PC system used in different files for installing the software on Android devices. APK file works the same as the Windows PC system. There are several operating systems to install apps and games like APK.

You can install Android APK from the browser. APK files help in accessing the new features of your device. New features install automatically through APK. Without an APK file, your device takes more time to access the new features. If the Play Store is not responding, you can use the APK file to install the apps.

But sometimes, APK files provide the services to download illegal apps. So you should research before installing apps. It can be against the law and harmful for your device.

When your favorite game disappears from Google Play Store, and you still want to play it, then the only solution is the APK file of that game. Not just games, you can get any app’s APK from APKQuirk.

How to install APK file on Android?

  • You can download the APK file for Android on any smart device, laptop, Android phone from the browser.
  • Firstly, just open the browser, find your required file name, open this and click the downloading bar.
  • When it’s done, you have downloaded the APK file. 
  • Now open your download folder on your device tap on the APK file.
  • Then tap on yes to installing.
  • After installing, you can use it.

How can you install the APK file from your computer?

You can also install APK files on your computer. It is also a simple procedure. 

  • First, you have to install BlueStacks, an Android emulator, to install Android Apps on a PC. 
  • Now find your required APK file at BlueStacks and download it.
  • After downloading it, install that app and enjoy it on your PC.

How to edit APK files?

You can edit APK files easily. Here we will discuss the method on how we can edit all files. To edit the files, we require APK tools and software.

  • First of all, install a java development kit. It is available on Google you can easily download it.
  • Install Android software development kit (SDK). SDK software is used to decompile and recompile APK files.
  • Create a new folder on your desktop. You can save your APKtool and APK files in this folder. You can also rename your folder name.
  • Now, download the APKtool.jar file for editing the APK. You can move the APKtool.jar file into the APK file to avoid trouble.

Decompile the file

  • Firstly download the APK file from the browser. You can retrieve the file from your computer on your device.
  • Now type the command prompt in your search bar. In this result of window search, you can see a command prompt with a black screen icon.
  • You can open a folder in the command prompt by searching the CD. CD is the folder name in the command prompt. You can open your copied APK file folder in the CD folder by typing the CD app file. If you copied your file to another location on your desktop, you could also find them by typing cd/ location or another file name.
  • If you Installed APK tools, you could also find your APK files. For example, this-is-my-game. So you would type this-is-my-game.APK in the command prompt.
  • APK file tools decompile the files. Decompiled content will be placed in a separate folder with the same name. Now you can edit APK files easily. You just need some coding skills to edit this.

Recompile the file

  • Now, if you want to recompile the file in their APK version, open the search bar and type cmd. It is almost the same as the compile procedure. You just need to create a new folder as the name of the “signal” folder. You can find a newly compiled APK in the “dist” folder of the uncompiled APK folder in the “APKtool” folder.
  • Click back and paste the APK file in the folder.
  • For this process, you can use signAPK.zip software.
  • Now you will extract all the content of signAPK.zip in signAPK. The Contents of signAPK.zip are “certificates. pem”, “key.pk8” and the “signAPK.jar” into the signAPK folder.
  • Now drive the signup in the command prompt. You can create a signAPK folder by 
  • C:\user\username\desktop\signAPK>”.

What is config APK

Config APK is an Android application package and Android. Auto-installs. Config. It is an automatic installation during the first setup of any mobile or device. It is just 20kb and has no dangerous effects on your mobile. Mobile users don’t have any issues related to config APK. If all applications are running in the background of your device, you do not need to; it will finish automatically.

If your device is working slow, it doesn’t mean it is because of config APK. Install any antivirus app on your device and recover your device.

How to install APK file on BlueStack

You can install an app file on BlueStack. Here we will discuss the steps to install an APK file on BlueStack.

  • Download an APK file On your computer or device from any authentic website.
  • Open the BlueStack bar and click on my games option.
  • Open your app’s system and click on the media manager.
  • When the media manager opens, then click on option import from windows.
  • Here import the APK OBB file.
  • Now, open the play store on Bluestacks.
  • Download ES file explorer.
  • When it is downloaded from the Play Store, then open and go to internal storage. 
  • Open the DCIM folder in ES file explorer and click the shared folder. Here you will place the imported OBB zip file.
  • Long press on the obb zip file and select the Extract To option.
  • Here, you will extract the obb zip file and click on Ok.
  • This Extracted zip file shows as a separate folder with an OBB file. Open this folder.
  • Select the file with a long press and cut, which is present at the bottom of the bar.
  • Now go back to internal storage > Android > obb.
  • Open this and paste the folder that you have cut.

Now you have successfully installed the APK file or another desired app on BlueStack. Sometimes you don’t know how to use APK editor and how to use APK editor. It is a simple procedure. Once you install the editor, there is every instruction you can read and use easily.

Best websites for APK files

There are many sites to install the APK files but always use the authentic website to install the app files. In APK files, there is much software that doesn’t disturb your device security. Always read reviews about the app before the installation of any APK file. It is better to download your desired APK files from APK Quirk as it contains all the authentic and safe APK files.


What is an APK File?

APK is the Android file format that uses to allocate, distribute and install apps.

Can you install APK on windows?

Yes, you can install APK on windows, but firstly you would install an Android emulator for these files, then you can easily use APK files.

Is BlueStack free?

Yes, it is free to download and is the best Android Emulator.

Is BlueStack safe?

We can not say it parentally. But in authentic websites, BlueStack does not have malware or malicious programs. So, always download from authentic websites.

How do we access files on BlueStack?

It is so simple. Just drop the files in your Dropbox or your Google drive folder. In this way, you can access your BlueStack files.

Is an APK file a virus?

It all depends on the website from which you downloaded your APK file. Maybe your device got viruses and malware if you have not downloaded it from an authentic website.

Can I delete the app file from my device?

Yes, you can delete it any time. It is a box for your apps. You can delete it by long-pressing and save your device storage.

What is the best version of APK?

APK Editor Pro 1.10. 0 APK + Mod (Premium/Unlocked) Android

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