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Geometry Dash MOD APK is a game full of fun and action. All you need is to be speedy to pass the obstacles without touching them. Play it and sharpen your minds.
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Geometry Dash MOD APK

If you love difficult and challenging games and looking for these games to maximize your free time, stay tuned. Geometry Dash MOD APK is one of the exciting and challenging games ever. Geometry Dash is a game where players control the cubic hero who conquers all challenges and accomplishes a goal. 

The quality of graphics and management of Geometry Dash gameplay make this game more exciting and entertaining. It will not bother you for a second with its 3-dimensional picture quality and realistic gameplay. Collect more points and prove that you are the world’s best player in this game.

On the way, the adventure is interrupted by many barriers. Geometry Dash world full version is downloaded by millions of people around the world. The game is incredibly easy and can enchant players for hours. It is one of the favorite games for every age group and makes them addicted.

Geometry Dash APK

Geometry Dash APK is an adventurous game with an attractive interface. The main goal is to reach the endpoint of every level without hitting any hurdles. With every subsequent level of the game, the difficulty level increases. Geometry Dash update comes with time to make it great among the players.

Besides, users can play the game with different modes as simple, normal, and harder. The most challenging mode of this game is the demon. The practice level mode helps your fingers to warm up and prepare you for a difficult level. The player has no speed control but controls the directions through jumping control. Geometry Dash APK is a new and worth playing game with so many exciting features.

Requirements of Geometry Dash MOD APK

Geometry Dash download is easily available for every device. The basic requirements of downloading this game an Andriod system with 4.1 or more support. The free space required is 61 Mbs in your device. The game requires no internet connection (full offline). Besides, there is no need to root your device to play this game.

Why should you download Geometry Dash MOD APK?

You should download the Geometry Dash APK MOD to enjoy different features that are not available on the original version. The game has 21 official games now where a player can jump and fly across the harmful route. Also, 50 million levels are available online in this game. Anyone can play Geometry Dash all levels using the touchscreen to jump its icon to pass obstacles.

Feature of Geometry Dash MOD APK

You must know certain features that will potentially support you when playing any game. Geometry Dash MOD APK levels are filled with amazing new features. These features give the game a special meaning. Following are the prominent features of this game.

Sounds and graphics

Geometry Dash MOD APK is fantastic not only due to its gameplay but also because of its sound and graphics. Moreover, a lot of new sounds and graphics are available. You will hear various kinds of good music on every stage, that will give you more pleasure. The soundtrack is nice, enjoyable, and attractive. In the gameplay of Geometry Dash, sound also plays a secondary role.

The Geometry Dash full version is full of unique visual features that entertain many players worldwide. The colorful graphics, characters, colors, and themes may attract the players and make this game more attractive.

The gameplay

Many people assume that Geometry Dash MOD APK is a simple game at first sight. The dizzy and rough speed of the first stages is complicated to regulate Geometry Dash. Obstacles are often grouped to make the game more appealing. The rule is straightforward players only have to control the square to conquer the obstacles. When you press the button, you make the cube bounce around, passing obstacles in front of you.

Variety of modes

Geometry Dash MOD APK has a huge variety of different modes that do not make the game boring. The players drop the diamond at the checkpoint after completing every challenge. Players are rescued every time they die at this checkpoint. 

Every mode has a map, but that is not valid for the next level or at the previous level. The other fascinating feature is the ability to make maps. You can create maps for other players as well. If you want to stop for a few minutes, Geometry Dash immediately returns to its original location.

Create levels

Geometry Dash APK MOD enables players to play and experience user-generated levels. The player can create levels and upload them. The challenge of this level is decided by the creator of the game and not by the player. Daily and weekly challenges are also created in this MOD version.

Customize icon and characters

The Geometry Dash APK MOD has several icons. You can choose a 24 color to allow several variations of the same thing to customize icons. Some of them are pinwheel, square and animal-shaped. Geometry Dash steam unlocked two exclusive and unique unlock-able icons.

It is an impressive feature that amuses many players in the world. The costume and the character’s overall look increase the interest of the player in the game. It helps you to design the dress in several different ways.


Whenever you know about the awards of every game, it will raise your interest in any game. The most promising reward is that you will achieve optimum problems in very little time. The goal of the game is to complete the levels by reaching the endpoint, and the prize is won at the end of the game. Download free Geometry Dash and win the fantastic rewards after completing the challenging level.

Multiple levels

Geometry Dash MOD APK brings a lot of stages in many levels. Each game screen will have different difficulty levels, bringing more challenges to the gamers. The new version promises to have more exciting game screens. It also brings an exciting feature that allows players to create their game screen.

There are a total of 21 levels in which three levels are locked. The three hidden coins at each level are eventually used to access the previously locked three levels. After completing 18 levels, the locked level will automatically unlock with secret coins. It makes the game more fun, complicated, and addictive.


There are many attractive tasks for you while you play the game. The Geometry Dash APK MOD has a different variety of tasks in which the players must explore and look for more enjoyable solutions. It would also serve to make the rewards more appealing. These missions enable the players to face more challenges and make this game more interesting. So download Geometry Dash to complete the different missions and make this game more fun.


Geometry Dash’s hurdles are very diverse, and they expand gradually. Geometry Dash APK MOD is introducing obstacles that have not existed before in various dimensions. The obstacles are very unique and functional.

The game has some surprise obstacles, and players have to face them to complete the tasks. These obstacles are the main cause of developing interest among the players to win this game. Newer challenges like giant pillars or underwater volcanoes are unexpected.


Players can purchase different items by downloading Geometry Dash full version free from the link below. The item we buy in the game with special currency, “Mana Orbs”, is freely available in the MOD version. We can buy new costumes and unlock new levels with the help of this currency.

Geometry Dash MOD APK installation guidelines

If your phone already has the original Geometry Dash app, you have to uninstall it.

You can download the APK file from the link below. Allow unknown sources to install this app on the device. Press on installing button to install the APK file. After completing the installation process, play and enjoy the game.

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So download and play Geometry Dash MOD APK and test your speed and hand-eye coordination. You will feel sharpness in your mind after playing it too. Enjoy it and don’t forget to share it with your friends.


Is Geometry Dash MOD APK a challenging game?

Geometry Dash MOD APK is an average challenging game. The game is quite simple in the first stage. Only 40% of the levels are very challenging.

Is Geometry Dash MOD APK free of cost?

Geometry Dash MOD APK is free of cost. It is available on our website and costs nothing.

How can we get diamonds in Geometry Dash MOD APK?

You have to complete all the challenges to get diamonds. You can also get diamonds by finishing the quest and unlock demon chests from the treasure room.

How can we become professional Geometry Dash MOD APK players?

We can become professional players by completing some easy and challenging levels. Beat demons and Jawbreaker and get all three coins to be a professional player.

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