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Granny is the best option to kill boredom. It’s a tricky game, and the player is trapped in a horror house and trying to escape from the evil roaming around. Besides, this horror game was officially launched in 2017 and loved playing by the challengers.
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Do you love playing thrilling games?

Then the Granny is the best option to kill the boredom. It’s a tricky game, and the player is trapped in a horror house and trying to escape from the evil roaming around. Besides, this horror game was officially launched in 2017 and loved playing by the challengers. It has been downloaded by over 100+ Million all over the world. The player has to be sharp and active to play this thrilling game. Well, it’s a tricky game, and it will let you enjoy every single moment.

Game Intro:

This horror game is full of surprises and mysteries. When the situation is thrilling, the players will find themselves lost somewhere in a horror house. Well, all you have to do is escape the house by staying active and noiseless. But that’s not easy, and there’s a devilish granny who appeared as an old witched zombie roaming in the house.

Besides, the player will be given 05 days to manage the escape plan from the deadly house. Furthermore, the zombie granny is blind in the game. But the hearing sense of the Granny is super sharp and attentive. That’s why you have to think about every step you take ahead in the house.

Then you have to check each corner of the different rooms to find the mysteries and hidden secrets. In the granny mod, you can hide under the bed or get covered behind doors and cabinets. This game lets you check your mind and sharp skills at the difficult stages.

Besides, you have to download this granny MOD APK game to enjoy the thrilling scenes and horror story. Get ready and challenge your skills to find out the mysteries in the horror granny house.


The granny APK is an updated version for thrilling game lovers. This game has high graphics and better sound quality. Thus, you can easily download this game and enjoy the horror adventure to escape Granny’s deadly house.

Zero Damaging

This MOD version of Granny includes zero damaging modes as a tricky and new feature. Therefore, you’ll not get any damages from difficult situations. These features will let you enjoy the horror escaping adventure more easily. You’ll not get any harm from the surroundings to complete the mission of escaping the horror house. Moreover, it will let you retain your player’s health bar to keeping the escape plan in 5 days.

Horror Environment

The MOD APK game version has a horror and thrilling environment presented in the game. You’ll hear the evil noise of the deadly Granny roaming around in the house. Thus, it creates suspense and attention for the player to do some tricks for playing. The player has to take every move silently to prevent making any noise.

The old Granny has sharp hearing sense, and she can hear the minor sound, and then she’ll come for you. Besides, when the player gets caught by the evil Granny, it will be the devil’s wrath, and you’ll lose the game.

Do or Die

The player has to save his life in every case from the wrath of Granny. If the Granny comes after the player, the best way is to hide somewhere instead of running. The granny mods is a do-or-die match because you can run from the Granny. So you always have to be sharp to stay quiet and follow the ways to find out the escape.


The developers have made more difficulties in this MOD gaming version of Granny for challenging purposes. If the player does not escape within 05 days, the player will get trapped in the deadly house forever. Then the Granny will show the wrath and eat the player without any mercy. So the granny MOD APK download version is ready for you to challenge yourself for this thrilling adventure.

Detail of Game

Granny is a horror and thriller adventure game to enjoy tricks and scenarios. The granny MOD APK includes tricks and the latest features to enhance the playing criteria. There is no damage for the player to retain the escaping plan and have fun for a longer time. Additionally, the graphics and sound quality is entertaining for challenging players.


This horror game provides a challenging platform for the players to check their skills during thrilling situations. The granny horror game is also easy to download and simple to install on your mobile.


The granny outwitt MOD APK download provides an enhancing exposure of graphics for the players. It has a dark surrounding to show the horror and thrill and evil sounds and devil-looking Granny.In comparison,you have to be brave playing this game during the nighttime because it will take in into real-time suspense and thrill.

How to download or install the game:

The granny game has been come with its MOD APK version to enhance the playing experience better. So we will guide you through the simple and easy way to download the horror granny gaming version.

  1. First, you have to click on the granny game download button given in the link
  2. Then you have to accept the downloading option and start the gaming file to download on your mobile. After that, you have to wait a while for the downloading to get finished.
  3. Moreover, then you can find the downloaded file in your mobile storage. Then you have to open the granny download file and accept permission for the installation
  4. After a short time, the horror granny game will be installed. Thus you can enjoy the challenging missions then.

Enjoy your Game!

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What if the Granny catches the player?

The wrath of the evil old Granny will rise, and she will kill the player with no mercy. That’s why the player has to be quiet while escaping

Is this game free to play?

Of course, this gaming setup is 100% free to play on your mobile. Besides, it’s an offline game, so you don’t need any internet to enjoy this thrill and challenging game.

What is the Latest Version of Granny MOD APK?

This granny game has the latest version of V1.7.9  of gaming setup along with enhancing graphics.

What should the player do if the Granny locates him?

The best way is for the player should hide somewhere like behind the door or under the bed because the running person cant gets escaped from the Granny.

Can the Granny see the player?

No, the evil Granny is blind in this game, but she has a super hearing sense. That’s why the player has to be quiet during the escape to get safe from the wrath of Granny.


In the end, we can hopefully conclude that granny MOD APK is the best option for thrill-loving and challenging people. Besides, this game’s given platform has a horror surrounding and high-graphics to enhance the area’s visibility. The player has to escape the deadly house using clever tricks and by staying quiet. More difficulties are added in this version of the game to let the player face more challenges for enjoyment. The player has to go through the whole house to expose the mysteries and hidden secrets

Furthermore, the challenging do-or-die mode will keep the player more attentive and sharp during the escape plan. The horror granny outfit is more enhanced to give a horror look in the old lady dressing. Thus, the player will enjoy dark light graphics as a horror scenario.

In the 05 days, the player will experience many challenges and find many mysteries to enjoy the next level.

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