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Want to smash the face of your boss but can't do it? No worries, hold your phone and download the Kick the Buddy MOD APK, smash the doll as you want to do to your boss, and get relieved of all your anger.
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02 Feb 2021
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Kick the Buddy MOD APK

Want to get rid of your anger in no time? Download Kick the Buddy MOD APK and smash the doll as much as you want. Release your stress and remain calm in your life. Enjoy hitting the character with unlimited weapons as everything is unlocked in Kick the Buddy MOD APK.

It is a stress-relief game as well as an action game full of interest and fun. People love to play this game as in this game; you have to slap a doll. In this way, you can release your anger and become stress-free. 

One more thing, there is a doll on which you have to attack until you destroy it or explode it. Use weapons, bombs, grenades, etc., to kill this ragging doll. It is a real fun game.

Features of Kick the Buddy MOD APK

Following are some of the unique features of Kick the Buddy MOD APK download.

Release the stress easily

Now, no one will stop you from getting your anger out. Just release it and feel calm and relaxed. You don’t have any need to smash the things around you. In this Kick the Buddy MOD APK game hit the doll with heavy weapons and kills your anger too.

The game features guaranteed the users to have fun with their friends. It is also a genuine way to release the stress without harming the people around you. It is an excellent game to ensure a calm and tranquil mood.

A bully character in the game will let your anger burst, and then you will surely leave no stone unturned to kill the doll. We will tell you next that what is the role of this bully character in the game.  

Unlimited coins or money

Well, in the official version of Kick the Buddy, you have to work hard to kill the doll. Every level is difficult from the one behind it. It can cause a lot of obstacles for you to fight. Moreover, you have to win the coins to upgrade the levels.

Coins or money play a great role in this game. You can’t feel fun without having these amazing coins that will allow you to buy more and more new and exciting weapons. 

When you have some brand new exciting weapons, then you can kill the doll easily. It is only possible when you have Kick the Buddy MOD APK as there will be unlimited coins and money available for you.

Bully character

As we already told you, there is a bully character in the game, which will cause some obstacles for you. It is an animated character that doesn’t want you to smash or explode the doll. This character will resist you in completing your goal. 

It will cause a lot of obstacles that are not easy to remove. Kick the Buddy MOD APK will help you in facing this bully character on every level. Now you don’t feel worried. 

Have unlimited and an ample amount of coins through Kick the Buddy MOD APK free shopping that you can use to get some amazing heavy weapons. Now kill with ease and shoot the doll. Buy the weapons of your choice and make immense destruction.

Invite friends

Kick the Buddy MOD APK will let you invite your friends. Now tell them to join you and break the things together. This game will allow you to keep a good relationship with the people around you by releasing the anger on an animated character. Enjoy with your friend in the pastime and play together. Just say goodbye to your stress and tension.

Use some amazing combo

There are not just two or three elements in Kick the Buddy MOD APK. It is a combination of many categories. There is a lot of fun in the game to make it more and more exciting and fun-loving. 

Use a different combination of elements to increase the fun and make the game crazy and full of joy.

Hit with the watermelons

Kick the Buddy MOD APK is allowing the users to hit the doll with the watermelons. It is crazy as well as a difficult task. Throw watermelons on the doll. Have fun with friends. Hit the doll with this fruit and show your skills. 

Torture the buddy

There are some magical powers, too, in the game. Use these powers and torture the doll until you become stress-free. The doll can move in the game from one place to another. 

Use dinosaurs to beat the buddy scarily. In Kick the Buddy MOD APK version, you can tie the buddy with ropes, and in this way, your buddy cannot move anymore. Now release the dinosaurs in the room and let him kill the ragged-doll easily.

Use some supernatural creatures to send their powers on the buddy. Kill the buddy with these powers. Free your mind from the anxious and furious thoughts and become calm and quiet.

Upgraded levels

The game is full of different levels and some difficulties that will never let you feel bored. These obstacles will raise your curiosity to play the game for upgrading your level. 

Everything unlocked

Moreover, Kick the Buddy MOD APK version will also provide you with ease and everything unlocked. It will make the player interact with the game easily and smoothly. 

Sound and graphics

The graphics of Kick the Buddy MOD APK are so clear and beautiful that they help the game become more attractive. Furthermore, the sound quality is superb.

Lag and bug-free

Lags and bugs have been improved in Kick the Buddy MOD APK 2021 version to satisfy the users. It has made the game more popular and loving for the players.

Versions of Kick the Buddy MOD APK

Let’s talk about some great version of Kick the Buddy MOD APK.

Kick the Buddy MOD APK 2021

It is the latest version of the game. This game is full of exciting features and has been made free of lags and bugs. You can enjoy it on any of your devices and release your stress.

Kick the Buddy MOD APK all unlocked

There are no ads in this version, and everything is unlocked, either its weapons and or levels. Now use the best weapons to kill the buddy. Upgrade your levels easily.

Kick the Buddy forever MOD APK + free shopping

In this game, you can treat the buddy according to your mood. Now you can change the clothes of the buddy and choose the clothes from its wardrobe. Treat the buddy with different kinds of weapons and be stressed free. Unlock everything and buy all the stuff for free.  

Kick the Buddy MOD APK free diamond membership

Diamonds are usually needed in the game to unlock some heavy and special weapons. In this Kick the Buddy MOD APK free diamond membership, you can unlock the weapons freely using these diamonds. 

In the official version of Kick the Buddy, you have to pay real money to get some diamonds that you can use to have the special weapons. Now you can take the free diamonds membership and use these diamonds whenever you want.

Kick the Buddy MOD app download

You can get the Kick the Buddy free download moded version from the link below. Download the game on your device and play for free.

Kick the Buddy MOD APK Android

To download Kick the Buddy MOD APK on Android, allow the download from unlimited sources, and download it. Play it on your Android device and have some fun.

Kick the Buddy MOD APK iOS

Here we are also offering Kick the Buddy MOD APK for iOS devices and play this game on the iPhone.


How can one download Kick the Buddy MOD APK for PC? 

Download the BlueStacks emulator and now search the game there. You will find the results and then click on the download button and play Kick the Buddy MOD APK on a bigger screen with much fun and easier handling.

Which is the best version of Kick the Buddy MOD APK?

In our opinion, the latest version, Kick the Buddy MOD APK 2021, is the best version to download. It has all the features unlocked plus unlimited gold and money.

What is the age restriction for Kick the Buddy MOD APK?

There is an age restriction of 7. Children of this age or less than 7 should not play this game, which will cause harm to their behavior. However, for those who know that it is just a virtual world and a way to release tension and stress, this is a great game.

What is famous about Kick the Buddy MOD APK?

It is considered the top interactive game full of action, fun, and joy. It is an anti-stress game. Many people love to play it, and they consider it an excellent way to release the stress of work and job.

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There are many games available on the internet. But this game is fun as well as advantageous too for young people. If you are the one who loses his or her temperament very quickly, then go and download Kick the Buddy MOD APK. 

Don’t fight with your closest friends in anger. Just open the game and smash the doll to release the angry thoughts. Stop destroying your relations in anger anymore. Have fun and enjoy the game.

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