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Mini Militia MOD APK is a battle royale game in which players can fight against each other while they have unlimited health and more powers than their opponents. Also, you can play it online and offline both ways.
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Mini Militia MOD APK

For gamers who love to play survival and battle royale game and want to keep it simple, nothing will be better than Mini Militia MOD APK. With this, there will be no worries during times when your internet connection is down; you can still enjoy the game. You can fight your enemies with all the unlimited powers you get in the latest MOD.

Playing games on a smartphone is everyone’s favorite hobby in their spare time. There are many games available in the Play Store to play. Mini Militia was launched for the first time in 2017. It is a very lightweight game, and it does not require too much space on your device—over 500 million people are playing this game worldwide.

Mini Militia’s online popularity increases day by day because of new gaming technology. If you want to play an exciting battleground game, Mini Militia MOD APK is the best option. The Mini Militia is very famous, and people love to play this game. You can play with your friend with a hotspot connection. Mini Militia games can be played online and offline as well. The best thing about this game is that it is multi-playing; you can play with your 6 friends or family members.

Firstly, it was available on iOS devices after the popularity of Mini Militia on the iOS platform; they decided to launch on Android devices. You should play at least one time in your life; you will love it.

Features of Mini Militia MOD APK

Here we will discuss the features of the Mini Militia MOD APK game in detail.

Multi-player game

It is a multiplayer game. You can play with 6 players online and 12 players on wifi. It has pretty good options for players. If you want to enjoy any online game with your friends, you should give it a try to Mini Militia MOD APK.

Different Maps

There are many maps in the Mini Militia MOD APK. There are 20 maps in this game. These different 20 maps make Mini Militia exciting and different from other games. 

Works offline

Works offline is the best feature of the Mini Militia MOD APK. You can play this game offline with your friends.

Simple and easy

It is a very simple and easy online game. There are many remarkable and extraordinary weapons to kill your enemies. In simple versions, these weapons are not available. If you want to enjoy these weapons, you should install Mini Militia MOD APK unlimited ammo and nitro.

100% free and safe 

You should be aware of many fake websites. If you downloaded this game from fake websites, this could damage your device with a virus. Always download this game from an authentic website. The version given below for Mini Militia download is 100% safe.

How can you download Mini Militia MOD APK?

You can download the Mini Militia APK game easily. Firstly set your entire mobile setting.

  • Open the Android settings > security setting.
  • Now click device administration.
  • Enable the unknown source.
  • Now click the link to the game given below.
  • Download the link on your device in the Mini Militia MOD APK download folder.
  • Tap to download and wait for the downloading to finish.
  • Once it did, then you can open and enjoy this game.

Unlimited health

In every game, when you start to play, player power or energy decreases, and he runs to die. Mini Militia MOD APK unlimited health Feature increases the time of their life to unlimited. By using this in the game, players never die.

In a Mini Militia game, the game’s coding is set as this technique; when any bullet touches the player, their life leads to the finish. There is a coding system to finish the player’s power. This coding file name is

But when we use Mini Militia MOD APK health in this game, this coding system alters. When any bullet touches the player, their power will increase. The player will never die.

Wall Feature

The Wall feature is also an exciting feature in the Mini Militia game. With this feature, you can walk through walls easily. You can kill and fire other players quickly. It can protect you from bullets and fire. When your enemy fires on you, you can easily pass through the wall, but bullets and fires can not pass the wall.

Wall feature works by changing the z- index value in the AndroidManifest.xml and then saves the file. Then, you can easily climb and pass the wall.

Unlimited ammo and nitro

In Mini Militia MOD APK unlimited health ammo and nitro, you can fire and kill another player without loading the gun. Without this feature, you have a limited number of bullets, and you can die easily. In this MOD, you can use unlimited bullets to kill the enemies. You can use this feature by changing the file to recompile the APK. This recompiled file is called Mini Militia Unlimited Ammo MOD APK. You don’t need any coding for this. Just go for Mini Militia MOD APK download unlimited health and ammo and play the game.

By using the nitro MOD, you can fly for an unlimited time. Your power will not reduce and finish. Nitro also helps in escaping from the enemy.

Mini Militia God MOD

Mini Militia God Mod is the latest version of Mini Militia. In this version,.you can get all features like unlimited health, unlimited ammo, and nitro, wall feature. Many features are not available in the original version of Mini Militia MOD APK.

If you are tired from your avatar, then you can custom your desired avatar. You can get access to all avatar skins. All avatar looks are unlocked in the new updated version.

You can shop for new guns and weapons in new updated versions. Your battle points are added, and you can shop weapons with these points.

Features of God Mod

  • Unlimited health and ammo
  • Unlimited ammo and nitro
  • One-shot kill
  • Infinite jetpack 
  • Speed feature
  • Aim-bot
  • Multiple Bullets  in a single shoot
  • 8x zoom in all guns

Some people think the ranking system matters in the Mini Militia game but, the ranking system just clarifies your experience in this game. The ranking does not give you any relaxation or bonus in the game.

New features of Mini Militia MOD APK latest version 2021

Developers change the features of Mini Militia according to their desires for more interest and enjoyment. This Mini Militia MOD is exciting and popular. In the new updated version, you can find more maps, different weapons, and bombs. In this version, many features are unlocked, which are locked in previous versions.

There are more battle points and levels for playing. In this pro pack version, you will get the following.

  • Online content unlocked
  • Rocket launcher and other pro weapons
  • Sniper rifle
  • Carry 2 deadly gun at once
  • Dual wield for pro weapons.
  • More avatar skins

Game with an internet connection

When you are connected to the internet to play this game online, Mini Militia will give you three options. One is quick to play, and the second is playing Mini Militia online. In quick mode, you can choose one map and play with anyone from over the world. 

The second option divides into three sub-options 

  • Free for all
  • Custom game
  • Team deathmatch

Free for all

Free for all mode is the same as a quick mode. It also needs an internet connection, in which to start the game you just need a map and you can play with anyone.

Custom game

In this mode, you can select the player for playing. You can play with a specific server. 

Team deathmatch

It is an exciting and amazing feature in which you can make teams with your friends and random people and play with each other. This feature is present in almost all versions of the Mini Militia game.

A game without an internet connection

You can play this game without an internet connection. You can play via Bluetooth and LAN wifi connection. This option of the game is shown as Practice (local).

Via LAN Wifi

You can enjoy it via LAN wifi. In this procedure, you need a host who shares their wifi connection via hotspot. If all your members have the same host of wifi, you can all see the option to join the game. If you do not have the same host, then you can not play. In this way, a maximum of 12 people can play Mini Militia.

Via Bluetooth

Playing via Bluetooth is the same procedure as the wifi. Here you can also make groups and play. But here are more options to play.

Death Match

In this, you can play individually or in a team. You will play against your enemies and gain more points. No one can enter or disturb your team.

Survival CO-OP

In this feature, the Mini Militia server kills the enemies in the game. Here, you can also play in groups.

Survival Solo

In survival solo, you can not play in the team. You can kill your enemy by Mini Militia survivor. 


If you are new in this field, you can switch to the training option in which the trainer will guide you about game features and rules. The trainer will teach you how you can use guns, flying, nitro, and shooting.

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Can we play Mini Militia MOD APK without an internet connection?

Yes, we can play via hotspot and Bluetooth. You can easily play individually or in a team without an internet connection.

How can you increase your health power?

You can increase health power by using ammo and nitro. By using these, enemies in the game can not kill you. You can win easily.

Can you change your avatar?

Yes, in the latest version of Mini Militia MOD APK, you can change your avatar and custom your desired avatar. There are many skins looks in the newest version.

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